About Us

Life is full of surprises and learning’s. On every new turn, there is a lesson for us, good or bad that depends on our understanding of the various phenomenon. At Khorasan University, we believe knowledge should provide inner peace and well-being. A person can cater to the inner struggle for more only when he or she can understand his or her identity and their goals in life.

Our Mission

At Khorasan University, we aim to offer valuable knowledge to an individual who is in a quest to find inner peace and calmness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the knowledge hub, where one can find answers regarding life, goals, and identity.

Who Are We? 

We’re the online learning opportunity provider, which offer higher education in the fields of identity, well-being, and wisdom. With the increasing cut-throat competition and aggressive race to be on the top, we’ve lost our true selves and identities. However, at Khorasan University, we educate people with high education regarding the topics including health, inner well-being, and the purpose of life. So find your identity and become a purposeful individual with our valuable courses and learning’s.

What Do We Do?

Khorasan University is the online learning institute which covers the topic with a vast spectrum including life, wisdom, purpose, and identity to assist readers to find their inner peace and well-being. There is a variety of courses available for the learners to choose from and get ahead in their life with a more positive attitude.

Why Khorasan University?

“Ego says once everything falls into place I will find the peace, but we say once you find the peace everything fall into place.” – Marianne Williamson

At Khorasan University, we’ve got a variety of online courses which you can opt for and move ahead in life. And it’s best suited relating to:-

  • Convenience:

Now with Khorasan University, you don’t have to go to some physical place to find the answer to your questions. We offer an online platform to learn with regard to various valuable topics like identity, wisdom, and well-being right from your couch.

  • Real help:

At Khorasan University, we believe in educating people in the right way. That’s why we choose real-life examples to not only satisfy your inner cravings but also to make it real deal for you to achieve inner peace.

So, come to us and find valuable lessons on wisdom, identity, and well-being to make yourself more positive, healthy and peaceful in life.


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