Who am I – How to Find Your Identity

Have you ever stopped and looked in the mirror thinking: Who am I? If you have, then you will know the feeling of confusion when you can’t really tell who you are. We’re not talking about superficial things like your name or your job; we’re talking about knowing. Who you really are at the core.

This is a question everyone will find asking themselves at least once in their lifetime and, very often, the answer is hard to find despite it being right in front of our eyes. Continue reading Who am I – How to Find Your Identity

What is Karma? : Based on the Wisdom of Bhagavad Gita

During a live-streamed event, yoga philosophy and meditation expert, Acharya Das, teaches us about Karma Yoga of Bhagavad Gita – What is Karma?

Acharya Das shares that “the process of Yoga [in general] deals with the process of self-realization.” As human beings, we automatically find ourselves materially entangled, and Yoga provides us with “direction on how to progressively advance along the spiritual path to a full spiritual awakening.” In order to understand Karma Yoga and advance spiritually, we must first gain an understanding of Karma and how our actions have consequences.

As Acharya das explains, “Karma literally means action,” and this is a very significant concept that we need to consider seriously. There is an unavoidable problem with Karma. Continue reading What is Karma? : Based on the Wisdom of Bhagavad Gita

Undercurrents Can Kill: Choose Yours Wisely

Last night I had a dream.  Actually I dream a lot, quite vivid dreams, often with seemingly coherent plots.  But I’m not here to write a novella, so I’ll stick to the relevant part.  I had left a function at our community hall and was walking along the edge of the nearby pond. A light drizzle had just recently begun, so the trees and bushes were hung with heavy water drops.  Two emerald headed adult ducks and two adolescents, also emerald headed, were setting out from the water’s edge.  In waking life only the mallard drake’s head would wear that shining metal helmet, but the poetic license of a dream cannot be argued with. Continue reading Undercurrents Can Kill: Choose Yours Wisely