Alive Forever: Now You can Conquer the Fear of Death

Ignorance gives birth to misery, but wisdom gives birth to enlightenment and happiness. Every other day, we come across situations where we question ourselves what will happen to us. We are living a life – we passed the kids stage, gradually the young age, and reached adulthood and then we become old. Truly there is no control of this aging process. In the midst of innumerable happy and sad events, finally we have to face death.

Many a times we are bereaved of death news of friends, relatives, citizens etc. Casualties, diseases, drugs, violence, anxiety, suicides all result to death. Basically what is death – is it the ceasing of the person or only the physical body. As a person, we always intend to stay well, youthful and longer, we don’t want to die. Someone having a happy family with good wealth, relationships, reputation and a healthy body want to live forever.

So looking on another side, even if someone is poor, struggling, unhealthy, ignored by society also desires to stay long. In other words, we want to stay forever. Nobody wants to die; the thought of death bites everyone. Whoever may be he is… whether he is a president or a cleaner – the same instinct is strong in everyone’s heart deeply.

So we don’t want to die, we want to be Alive forever. But is this possible? Yes it’s possible. The ancient bonafide yoga teachings confirm that we are eternal. Our eternity is not dependent on this physical body’s existence. Yet we use this physical body temporarily for a period. Essentially we are not the physical body, we are spiritual beings.

From Bhagavad Gita we come to know:

Know that which pervades the entire body is indestructible. No one is able to destroy the imperishable soul. [BG 2:17]

There are many examples that have proved there is a person who exists inside the material body. And they add some supporting facts to prove that they are not the physical body.

One famous American footballer describes his story from a game; he was quite close to kick a goal and he was chased by opponents. Suddenly his legs started giving up, he started talking to his legs…”Come on… don’t give up now you old legs”. So a person inside the body was talking and encouraging the legs to gather energy and run.

Wailana - we are eternal spirit souls - alive forever video musical video

Similarly a person in a car race also says the same thing while he is driving, “come on betsy, be a good boy this time… I have to win the race at any cost”. Unfortunately the car can run up to his capacity. Sooner or later the car will break down and go the scrap dealer. In the same line, we have to leave this body one day when the organs will start to fail, we become old, we find hard to breathe smoothly. It is bound to break down sooner or later.

So this thought of death and aging conquers the mind and heart. We have to overcome this fear. Many of them do not even think about it and to avoid the fear and anxiety come to the surface of mind, they always try to stay away from this disturbing thought. But a visit to a doctor, a funeral, or witnessing a road accident immediately brings those stealth concerns to the surface. This can only be overcome by true knowledge. Ignorance can lead to anxiety and stress, real wisdom about our true self and its eternity can release us from all kind of similar fear. If you know you are not the body, then the misery or thought of death cannot conquer your heart.

The knowledge of Aham Brahmasmi stated by scriptures makes us enlightened. The ancient yoga scripture mention that we are spiritual beings and we are not subjected to death even this material body ceases by time and circumstances. As the self or the person or the soul is eternal, then we must remember always that the body is like a dress; therefore why lament the changing of a dress? The material body has no factual existence in relation to the eternal soul.

Recently a wonderful musical movie is released by Iconic Yoga personality, Wai Lana named as “Alive forever”. In this video she has shown us how we should not be in anxiety of aging. Being eternal, we are not subjected to death and we should be in misery thinking about the apparent ceasing of body. Let the body get old, we need not worry.

This spectacular video by Wai Lana was released in favor of the International Yoga Day. Probably this is a blessed gift by her to all of us. The Wai Lana’s magical video removes all doubts and suffering.  Wai Lana helps us to regain the inner peace and happiness. All fans of Yoga teacher Wai Lana are amazed to receive this wonderful gift on such a memorable Yoga day.

See some of the cool videos shots that describe the whole journey of the making of this inspirational video:

The best thing about Wai Lana is that she always maintains a magnetic smile on her face. She had enthralled the audience with her Namaste music video, which was released last year in 2015. That movie was produced to celebrate the first International Day of Yoga. She launched this special Namaste video to ensure that people realize the importance of self and having each other in their lives.

Alive Forever by Wai Lana is not just another music video; it is a short film in itself. There are different characters that you can see in this video. When it opens, you feel like people are sad about the things happening in their lives; as it progresses, you realize that the characters in the short film are actually upset with growing older; they are missing their youthfulness and gradually they will face an end. But later on, as the video progresses with the inspirational lyrics sung by Yoga Icon Wai Lana, the whole mood of the audience changes. They are elated to know the truth of their eternal existence. They are eternal whereas the body is only mortal.

Wailana gives insight that we are eternal spirit souls

You notice the ladies feeling miserable noticing the happy pictures of family; you also see an old man feeling bad about all the wrinkles on his face and the support that he has to take to walk on the road; you see an Indian groom feeling ugly about his hair turning gray and you also notice a couple that misses being in love the way they once were long back.

However, the movie takes a rapid turn as it comes to an end. It concludes miraculously and proves that it doesn’t matter how old you are – all that matters is that you are eternal.

Wai Lana beautifully states that Mother Earth will also age and it is true, indeed. We are seeing the planet’s transformation. No doubt we have technology, advancement and all the medicines to keep us living longer, but we are not blind to notice the ‘dismantling’ stage of our planet. What is the answer for ‘global warming’, ‘deforestation’, and ‘over-population’, otherwise?

Wai Lana is no ordinary personality – she has been honored with Padma Shri Award and has been displaying the magic of Yoga in all the ways Wai Lana can. She has also devised a lot of yoga products under the brand- Wai Lana Yoga and they are very popular worldwide. She has also made a lot of yoga material especially for the kids, popularly known as the “Little Yogis” brand by Wai Lana. She makes yoga fun and easy for the special little ones and has launched fun dvds, snacks, cartoon shows, easy kids yoga series and lots more. The yoga shows by Wai Lana in PBS stations series is so popular that millions have been benefited. You can check this link if you need more information on the Wai Lana PBS Tv series. An energetic Wai Lana is one of the world’s most-watched yoga teachers. Wai Lana PBS Yoga series do not focus only on the body but also on the mind and spirit. So you can also check your public station and let them know that you would like them to broadcast the Yoga series on PBS by Wai Lana .

There can be nothing better than accepting what is coming your way; you are bound to age, but your soul or spirit is timeless. This video inspires you to stay stronger and be positive in your life.

Thank you!