Best Life Lessons to Learn

Life is a teacher, the world is a classroom, and everybody is a student naturally enrolled in life’s institution. The process of metamorphosis, that is; the stages involved in the cycle of humans from childhood to adulthood is one that foregrounds life as a process. In relation to this, we can say life is a teacher with a  master lesson plan. However, it is important to note that this grand teacher teaches in phases in line with the needs, situations, circumstances, and life program of everyone.

For instance, at the point of inception, a child learns to accept and  acknowledge his or her parents naturally.  Furthermore, the child naturally desires to crawl, stand, walk, and engage in several other activities. As the child grows, he or she consciously observe and interact with events in the society as they daily unfold.  However, the infusion of variation in the learning process is one that cannot be overemphasized.

“We learn till we die”. Learning is an activity that spans throughout a lifetime. Another aspect worthy of consideration is the fact that some do not acknowledge or even understand some of life’s lessons. Over time, it has been established that the inability of some to accurately comprehend life’s teachings and adhere to her instructions is the reason they sometimes end up as failures. But who is to blame; man or nature?

As an instructor with many students, it can be asserted that the instructor would definitely do all within his power to give out his very best. But it is only normal that not everyone will get it. Those who excel are those who are sensitive and pay close attention to what they are being taught. The fact is, some live carelessly. They are never patient enough to observe and go through the lessons. As such, they end up as poor students who continuously struggle with the unpredictable of life. This is because they have failed to correctly interpret or understand some of life’s basic lessons as taught in her classroom.  To further buttress the above, below are ten life’s best lessons, everybody should understand as they journey through life.


Everyone is different. There is no one with the same fingerprint as yours. You are a distinct being having unique qualities. On life’s lesson plan, though it may sometimes look similar, you are designed to take courses that are exclusive to you. As such, it is bad and wrong to compare yourself to others. This is because you can only be you and not someone else and what works for others might not necessarily work for you.


Staying healthy is a fundamental part of human existence. This is because it is when you are healthy that you can live and enjoy life. A sick man can do nothing other than lay helpless on his bed. At that point, he relies on others for almost everything. As such, the understanding that health is wealth is one of life’s lesson that everyone must learn.


Change is an inevitable aspect of life. The people, things, places, materials, etc you see today won’t always be there as change is constant. This is a lesson everyone must learn.


Time is the greatest unveiler. Jumping into conclusion is wrong. Whatever you encounter as you journey through life always ponder on it and give it some time before you react or act on it.


As students in life’s class, it is important to understand the need to face your fears. Fear is a product of the mind and whatever picture it portrays isn’t real. So, if you are ever going to achieve your desired height as you journey through life, you must learn to face your fears.


The society is the product of a collective effort. Everyone needs someone. No one can exist on his own. For instance, the doctor relies on the farmer for his food, while the farmer runs to the doctor when he falls ill, etc.


Man is a social animal. As such, for his relationship to be successful communication is essential. It is when you communicate that ideas, values, desires, needs, etc. can be known and addressed.


No one will believe you if you don’t believe in yourself. Self believe is the criteria for a successful life. Whatever your mind conceives, you need self believe to actualize it.


No one knows it all. To grow, develop, and attain your desired height in life, it is important that you are open to learning at all times. Always see an acquired knowledge as a tentative response or solution until you find something better.


Love is paramount. It is by living and dealing in love that we can make the world a better place. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and several conflicts would be averted in your day to day interactions.




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