Nature’s Way Of Making One Happy

There are many different problems that people face in life. But one of the greatest risks they face is not being happy. Even when there are those fleeting moments of happiness they can be short lived. It is because the majority of people live such a hectic lifestyle. They don’t take the opportunity to enjoy that happiness. Others seem to be in constant search for happiness. But have very little success at finding it. What most people do not realize is that happiness could very well be in front of them. It can be all around them. The sad fact is that they just haven’t discovered it.

Happiness and Your Well Being

So many people suffer from a great many ailments. The average person will complain many times during their life that they generally do not feel at their best. In fact, most people don’t know what feeling at their best is. As humans, many of us tend to take things for granted. People that feel happy tend to feel good. A happy state of mind is a positive state of mind. Those who are happy feel positive about life. It has been proven that those who possess this state of mind may live longer and be in a healthier condition.

Quality of Life

It is common knowledge that people don’t want to grow old. There is that constant search for the “fountain of youth”. But people would be much better off searching for their happiness. They don’t have too far to go for this as nature holds the secret to happiness. All of the elements of nature serve a purpose. One of these is to create an aura of peace, relaxation, and happiness.

The Power of a Tree

One single tree is one of the most powerful resources for life that everyone can take advantage of. What makes this even more wonderful is anyone anywhere can assess some type of tree. It isn’t just one species of tree that holds this power.

Stop and Listen

How can one possibly listen to a tree? Anyhow trees cannot speak. Or can they? Language is all about communication. There are many different forms of communication. A tree is able to communicate to those who are willing to listen. If one doubts this, then they need to read what Herman Hesse, a distinguished German poet has to say about this.

The Wisdom of the Japanese

Japan is known to have a population that has one of the longest life spans in the world. This is so significant many ask why? The Japanese will tell you that Shinrin-Yoku may be one of the significant reasons why. It means “forest bathing”.

Research Doesn’t Lie

Many researchers are becoming more convinced that trees have the power to help enhance health. In fact, there are several studies that have been conducted about this. One study showed that just ten trees on one block was able to increase how well people felt in this area by 1%. That may seem like a small amount. But anyone that is not feeling their best would agree that even 1% would make a difference.

The Power of Tree Healing

Tree Healing

Tree healing may not be a term yet that has been coined as a phase. But healing trees are. However, this is in reference to the components of the trees itself. Tree healing more aptly describes the psychological effects that the color of the trees themselves can have on individuals. Research has shown that people respond more positively towards green and red trees.

More Trees Happier People

Another occurrence regarding trees is when some were planted in a coal community. The residents are taking note among themselves that they generally feel happier. What a simple way to make a person feel happy.

Go Find Your Happiness

It may very well be that there is some happiness just waiting for you outside your front door. The next time you venture outside make it a point to pay attention to the trees that are close to you. If there aren’t any then put an effort into finding some. Most likely there is a park or some green space nearby. Which you really should take advantage of. Stay in tune with your feelings. See if you can feel the difference the trees are making. It may very well be that when you are ready to walk away you will be doing so as a happier person.

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