Best Life Lessons to Learn

Life is a teacher, the world is a classroom, and everybody is a student naturally enrolled in life’s institution. The process of metamorphosis, that is; the stages involved in the cycle of humans from childhood to adulthood is one that foregrounds life as a process. In relation to this, we can say life is a teacher with a  master lesson plan. However, it is important to note that this grand teacher teaches in phases in line with the needs, situations, circumstances, and life program of everyone.

For instance, at the point of inception, a child learns to accept and  acknowledge his or her parents naturally.  Furthermore, the child naturally desires to crawl, stand, walk, and engage in several other activities. As the child grows, he or she consciously observe and interact with events in the society as they daily unfold.  However, the infusion of variation in the learning process is one that cannot be overemphasized.

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